Sunday, February 05, 2006

New Embroidery Guild

Last week the local "craft" column BY HAND in Bangor Daily News reported there would be a meeting at Cityside Yarn for all interested in keeping the needle arts alive in this area. It probably mentioned the theme of the day was to be lessons in Hardanger. I didn't know what that actually was and I didn't expect to stay the 10 - 2 time frame the article mentioned. But I did. And tried
Hardanger for the first time. It should actually be described as the embroidery technique about to disabuse you of the notion that your eyesight is still as good as it ever was! I had noticed for a while now that anything too close to my nose was a little blurry. The simple act of stretching out my arm a bit makes things come back into clearer focus. BUT I had convinced myself the blurry item started out too close to my nose in the first place and I see perfectly well, thank you.

UNTIL SATURDAY! February 4th may be the date forever known as the day I admitted a visual truth. Longer Arms or better light a must!

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