Monday, June 13, 2011

More crocheting . . .

It's so satisfying to mark a Work In Progress finished. 
These little scarecrows by Fiber Doodles were to be my 2nd crochet project last March when I rediscovered crochet hooks.

It turned out they were a little over my head at the time, so the pattern was put in a folder and tucked away.  It's no longer a free pattern so I'm pretty happy to have found my copy.  I made 2 :)

I've also been trying to figure out how Elisabeth Doherty of Gorrmet Amigurumi makes her style of doll faces - a much changed style since producing her book Amigurumi!: Super Happy Crochet Cute.  She only makes finished dolls and doesn't seem to be interested in selling patterns anytime soon - reasonable I suppose. But I want to try that myself!  The nose is still coming out a bit like a snout. Another attempt is underway.

I did use her book to learn how to do jointed arms - with safety eyes, actually! Very cool - although I've learned a lesson on proportion. Arms are a tad long!

I also finished another doll using various Dawn Toussaint techniques. The hooded sweater was my own - again with proportion lessons! Hood needs work next time.  I hope I wrote down what I did so changes can be managed.