Friday, December 23, 2011

Sunday, December 04, 2011

TODDLER in the house!

(Slightly naughty, can't take your eyes off them for a moment, toddler!)
Her first evening found her mostly hiding under the table. 
She was raised by a couple who appeared to be deaf, without verbal abilities. It took a few days to get used to our voices. She may not have ever been out of the building where 2 litters were being raised.
Outdoors is a wild and wondrous place. 
She's decided she quite likes it outside! 
All trained to "Go. Hurry-up" outside. NO ACCIDENTS!
Well, my training came a long quite nicely. I know her whiny toddler signals!

We've had a very warm fall lately.  (Except for the 2 SNOW storms!)
I took my mitten project out onto the deck so I could keep an eye on her. 
She climbed up into a chair to join me in the sunshine spot.
She loves having a bath! Climbs in and out one her own. 
She thinks there should be 2 things in her mouth at all times and it doesn't matter if that's a your hand. Or ear. Watch out for biting!!  
Vet thinks I'm a big fat fibber. Warned her to beware! 
Jax pretended to be the best behaved puppy Dr. Jessica had ever seen.
I still can't believe how good she was!
She IS a chewer of everything NOT piled high out of reach. 
Croc makers should go into the puppy-teething-toy business as they seem to be the only indestructible shoes in the house. Tom has lost at least a dozen shoe laces.  
PICK UP YOUR STUFF!    Or else . . . :)
She blends in and does the instinctive retriever point.
Every hair on her back from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail stands straight up at unfamiliar sounds. Pretty sure she's seeing something I don't on our walks. There was a piece of half eaten pizza left on a rock deep in the woods of our nature trail. It was trash day and I'm pretty sure some little critter had just abandoned it.  (I hoped it was little and we headed for home pretty quickly.)
Jax stays with us on the Nature Trails very well, although sometimes drops down into a hollow spot and plays invisible. 
Hates collars so I need to get a bigger, easier to put on harness.
She's a bit of a Daddy's Girl.
(For a COOKIE she'll do whatever we ask!)