Saturday, August 04, 2007

Finished things

I won't tell.

Harry Potter book 7 was finished mid week, leaving me with an
"I don't know what to do with myself now!" anti-climax. This book is not at a young child's age level. For the kids & adults hooked on Harry from the beginning, we've aged along with the characters in the book. I fear with all 7 now available at the same time, the next generation hooked on Harry will be too young for some of the later books. I hope parents pay attention to their child's age level and not just their reading skill. Librarians should be cautious of where the series is placed on the shelves.

I've also finished my series of free-form needle tatted trees for the Postmark'd Art postcard swap. 4 plus one for me to keep for my own collection. They sort of went from stark bonsai to Whomping Willow. My reading material may have had some effect on the direction my free form tatting took?

Each one is a little different from the next, with a marked difference between first and last. Not sure which is my favorite. Will probably keep the one directly over the book. Background colors might have been better with something else, but I'm stash busting with fabrics I have on hand.
It is what it is!

Vacation time is here (half over now). Tom and I decided a day trip or two and instead of traveling around spending gobs of money on gas and fast food for 2 weeks. Instead we have demolished the living room!

Going about the same track as a favorite children's book: "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie" (he's going to want a glass of milk).
ONE THING LEADS TO ANOTHER! We ripped the nasty squares of ceiling out to replace with wood. (Only 2 rooms left after this and all of the ceilings will have been replaced.) That means the wood molding has to come down. And be stripped of multiple layers of paint and stained to match. And the wall paper I put up 20 plus years ago might as well come off. This time taking it back all 3 layers and painting. (Perhaps another shade of yellow?) And then door trims & window sashings will need to be painted. The floor has issues but we will deal with that later. Seriously. One thing ALWAYS leads to another!

Of course a major issue cropped up when we realized 15 feet of ceiling trim is trapped by 4 feet of ugly fake brick fire wall that was put in place before we bought the place. A wood stove used to dominate the living room but we installed ours in the basement with ductwork bringing the heat up. But the ugly bricks stayed.
Until Friday.

I saved you a fake brick, Steph!