Monday, December 11, 2006

Stranded Without A Compass

Which came first?

Another Knit-a-long started in December. Perfect timing...
My first Stranded project is finished.

The group has been divided into categories and I'm in the last one.
(Actually, I'm listed Seventh of Nine in the last group! ;)
"Stranded Without A Compass Which way are you going, folks?"
I think I'll push to keep this a category. Not sure what project I'll do next.
Folk Knitting from Estonia is on order, but without a compass, a map or much of a sense of direction. . . I may already be in the right group!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My first fair isle socks attempt

A sock love letter ...

Dear Pink Sock Yarn,

I love you. Now.

Look at what you've become!

I'm sorry I began to wonder what on earth I was thinking. You were 40% off. My understanding of the level of acceptance with which certain family members would greet such a girlie color was clearly out of touch with reality.

Likewise, my purchase of multiple colorations of variegated skeins of yarn was called into question, when inevitably the resulting socks would have the most gawd awful mismatched stripes & pooling.

My only defense up until now for this tote box full of yarn: It Was On Sale!

But now you have a true & clear reason for being. When paired together these questionable colors might just end up a thing of wonder. (Continued knitting of this sock will hinge upon progress made on getting 41 Letter P's done by Friday.)

Considering that I have NEVER attempted to knit a fair isle sock, it's uncertain what possessed me to go in search of Sara's Scientific graph paper. This Harlot's sock seduced me into thinking I could do such a thing as study a picture of a masterpiece and attempt to copy it. It was with greatest admiration and respect I studied this wondrous sock and attempted my own. (Opposite relief?)

  • Without a pattern; just a picture to go by.
  • Without a clue as to what size needles to use.
  • How many stitches to cast on?
  • How many repeats of the pattern - once I figured that out?
  • What colors might work, given the limited choices available in my stash.
I'm so glad we've found each other. Maybe you'll warm the feet of someone on my Christmas list.

I may just keep My First Fair Isle all for myself.
It's been suggested I'm going to look a little silly with my jeans rolled up so people can see these socks. I have one pair of jeans just short enough that hiking the leg up for some Show & Tell won't be too hard to do, though!

*I fully admit to looking at a Yarn Harlot sock and being inspired & compelled (almost beyond all reason) to grab up some graph paper and try figuring out her pattern.
Not sure how to properly credit copying from a picture?

Saturday, December 02, 2006

A pile of socks!

9 pair of socks

Knit between Nov. 18-Dec. 2, 2006 for Knit Unto Others to be donated to a local charity.

Not sure why this knit-a-long tickled me. Maybe it's the spiritual bond of a common cause?
Knowing strangers from across the country (and even around the world) were linked by the relaxing effort of knitting for others.

I enjoyed taking part in this project.