Friday, June 18, 2010

Keeping the hands busy

Nothing at all obsessive, compulsive: crocheting the same bunny pattern 6 times. 
 Is there?

Actually, this is a picture of the same pattern - 4 times plus my latest 1st attempt at a doll by the same designer.

Not surprisingly, I continue to prefer to have something to keep myself busy while waiting, rather than to sit doing nothing. I am a bit shocked by how much I'm still enjoying exploring crochet. A crochet hook and skein of yarn are the current 1st choice to grab up and shove in a tote bag to take on the go. (Crochet is MUCH easier to rip a section out and do over, by the way!)

I've decided I prefer some cotton or wool mixed in with acrylic yarn. I started crocheting with Red Heart Sport (100% acrylic) but don't care if I never use it again. Local availability and color choices being limited to what they are, I'm using TLC Cotton Plus for the doll/bunny body (51% cotton). But the clothing doesn't "drape" as nicely, so I've matched Naturally Caron Country with colors that go nicely, but the 25% Merino Wool makes it feel nicer as a sweater or dress.

These 2 sweaters are removable. The green one I experimented with my own design, once I figured out the pattern construction concept, but the turtle neck would have helped hide the "fat neck" look. (wrong color) I did make some pattern technique changes, based on what I've learned from knitting socks & mittens. No-sew picot border around the bottom of the sweater and waste yarn rather than casting off the armholes and then picking up stitches afterward. I've learned a lot from trying thses patterns and look forward to more experiments in doll sweater design.

These are the projects that have kept me busy during May & June. I needed my size 5 knitting needles to knit the sweaters but they were on a pair of socks I started in January. One was half done, so I finished it in an afternoon. The other is waiting at the start of the heel for me to have another surge of sock knitting desire.  

I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Friday, June 11, 2010

"Do Worms Have Eyes?"

Thank you, One Mom in Maine!!

Thanks to a recent Blog Giveaway, I'm so proud to have won a chance to visit and decide which classroom request to award a $25 gift certificate to.

It was very tough choosing! There are many worthy projects and in the end I clicked the Maine classroom requests and picked this one:

Classroom Photo

Do Worms Have Eyes?..... And Where Are Their Ears?

My Students

"A 5 year old's favorite word is "WHY?" Wondering is an integral part of their thinking! Exploring is an important part of our learning in kindergarten. They want to find answers to questions like "Do worms have eyes?" and "Where are their ears?".

I teach kindergarten at a school in Maine. Although located in an urban area, my school is adjacent to a large woodland tract. My students love to explore the woods and trails. It is on these trails, woods, and the natural areas of the playground that they develop curiosity and a relationship with nature."

My Project

"I want to provide hands-on authentic experiences that develop excitement and curiosity for science learning. Young children love to use science equipment and role-play being a scientist! Having big screen microscopes will meet those needs and also enable my students to develop inquiry and observation skills through real life experiences. Non-fiction literature helps to integrate areas of Literacy and Science and provide a springboard for inquiries.

For the past two years, I have focused on acquiring the science materials that my classroom needs that will enable students to better understand their relationship with nature. I have whittled away at my wish list bit by bit and have had to leave the most costly items for last. Once I obtain these items, my collection of science materials will be complete!

My students need 2 big screen microscopes, 2 big books, and 6 sets of Level B books. "

The class needs a little more to reach it's goal:
Project Cost Including Donation to Support $472.13
Partner Funding Offer -$236.06
Given -$25.00
To Go $211.07