Thursday, December 12, 2013

I'm Going On An Adventure!

All good stories deserve embellishment.” 

 A couple of months ago I noticed wood construction plans on the laptop, over my husbands shoulder, as I passed through the living room. When asked what he was planning to build, he said a chicken coop. 
He said he wanted to gather eggs in his retirement.

I am terrified of free ranging chickens. 
And those plans better have an egg dispenser, as I will not be sticking my hand under a chicken's butt without a good deal of intervention first.

I did suggest IF he was going to have chickens, I would like sheep. 
I would learn to spin!

And then a blogger with the Portland Press Herald featured my Fox Mittens with their Sunday paper.  Orders for finished fox mittens on the Etsy account Steph set up started coming in.  On Ravelry, people were buying my pattern for $3.
($2.58 to me after PayPal takes a cut.) 

Seriously. THANK YOU!

After a couple hundred dollars built up, I suggested to family members I would like to buy that spinning wheel now. IF we raised enough, it was decided. 

I have goals!

Next up will be learning how to use my new Ladybug by Schacht in Boulder, CO.
I made a LOT of Fox Mittens. Orders are still coming in. 
The actual ladybug pictured above landed on my knitting right about when we had earned enough!
My next goal may be the Woolee WinderAccessories are each sold separately. 
I would love it if the mittens continue to support my new obsession for a while longer!

My Ladybug arrived December 11th at 3:17 in the afternoon. At 5am I started cleaning the house, with the pledge I would keep cleaning until it arrived. The tracking update suggested an "early delivery".  White floor tiles were scrubbed on hands and knees, until we lost power and thus water, for an hour. My floor washing head of steam faded and I moved on to the fridge. It is clean top to bottom/under and behind! Wow. It needed it.

When the big box arrived on the deck I was almost too tired to open it.
Contents needed to be checked and a few last bits needed to be put together.

I hope it continues to whisper when I start adding fiber. For now I need to try and get the wheel to treadle clockwise. Stop and start without going backwards. 
It was described by one video blogger as patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time.