Wednesday, August 07, 2019

An Epic Wildlife Encounter!

"Is that a Bear?"

On a recent fishing trip with the husband, we had caught our limit of brook trout and was headed home. It was a good day, but the fishing was slow. The walk in was mucky, sometimes up to my ankles in nasty goo. The water is always cold when you first step in for some wading. Most of the time over the knees.

I always carry my camera safely zipped in it's case and zipped again inside my Osprey backpack for safe keeping. If it's safe to carry it out of the case - no water crossings - and there's a chance of wildlife crossing our path I like to have it in my hand. 

It never came out until we were done fishing and even then it was a struggle to find anything all that inspiring to take a picture of.    
The scenery is less than spectacular for this particular location.

But you never know . . .

A butterfly was getting it's fill of pollen from pink flowers so tall I could barely get the lens above it. 

The clouds were in and out over the little meadow we had just fished.

Tom cleaned our fish. 

Then back in the backpack for safe keeping.
We walked back to the Jeep, through the same ankle deep (shoe-sucking) muck and over-grown trail, content the day could be counted a success.

Driving home will take us back past Harrington Lake towards the section of the Penobscot river where the white water rafters put in. Eventually a few glimpses of Mt. Katahdin will come into view again. The Appalachian Trail's 100 Mile Wilderness will spit through hikers back into civilization. We were almost there . . . 

We were at the top of a long downhill section of dirt road when we thought something crossed at the bottom. It looked like there may have been a Mama with baby in tow. 

Tom was suggesting bear; I was thinking moose. I picked up the camera sitting at my feet and zoomed in as far as 200mm would allow. It was still too far to tell. And then THAT little face in the first picture came into focus! I started snapping shots through the windshield and Tom came to a stop. In the middle of the road. He was still guessing bear with the naked eye, it was that far away at first.

I watched through the viewfinder as she pinned her ears back and ran straight up the side of the mountain at steady clip. Straight to us like she was on the best exploring adventure ever!

As she drew even to where we had come to a stop in the middle of the road, I quietly cracked the door open far enough to get one foot on the ground and get my head, an arm and my camera outside through the space above the hinges. And click, click, click . . .

Every time the shutter sounded her ears perked up and pointed at me; then they would relax back. She looked as if she might head on up the mountain to continue her run, but then the left ear tipped back towards Mama. She turned her neck until the rest of her body turned in the same direction and off she jogged back down the hill. 

Mama's calling me . . . 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

What's next on your list?

Stained Glass!

My "Happy Christmas ... Merry New Year ... 2019 Bucket List" wish was: 
I want to learn to do Stained Glass. 

I started researching what supplies were needed. Figuring all that out is almost more overwhelming than the actual doing.

In December I lucked out and found a couple in Vassalboro selling their stash. About an hour's drive each way. It had been stored in their barn since moving to a new house and she said "we didn't want to put an outrageous price on it ... we just want it gone."

The more I look through it the more "beyond thrilled" I am!

There was no soldering iron or cutter. But lots of glass, both in scraps and beautiful full sheets. Plus a glass grinder! 

I was a little afraid of the safety aspect of grinding glass. Until I put this long unused aquarium back into use! The grinder sits well inside of it and there's no chance of getting debris in the face.

All the scraps give me the freedom to experiment. Guilt free when there's an oops. There have been a few oops but it's really not as hard or scary as I thought! 

Books came home from the library (two I decided to buy after seeing) and lots of YouTube videos were viewed. A few of them should probably come with warning of what NOT to do.

My greenhouse will make a great place to hang stained glass. My first pieces will go the higher the better - so no one can see the beginner's work.

P.S. I started a new Sheep to Shawl project. May have to over-dye it when I'm finished as a lot of the inner skein barely took the dye for the more solid tones I was going for.

We'll see what happens!

Not Before the Snow Came . . .

but it's a Greenhouse!

How did I not update the greenhouse progress?

Winter came early this year and eventually running 4 extension cords across the ground from the house became problematic.

The project grew and changed as it went along.

As did I.

Power tools are not so scary.
Except table saws. Still a little petrified of them!

I love building things with wood!
Busy now trying to get enough shelves built for growing things on - to fit the randomness of the window placements.

It's still a work in progress on the inside. Waiting for the cold to loosen it's grip so my unheated space can be put to use.

Can't wait to see what the spring holds.
Hope it comes early, too!