Thursday, January 17, 2019

Not Before the Snow Came . . .

but it's a Greenhouse!

How did I not update the greenhouse progress?

Winter came early this year and eventually running 4 extension cords across the ground from the house became problematic.

The project grew and changed as it went along.

As did I.

Power tools are not so scary.
Except table saws. Still a little petrified of them!

I love building things with wood!
Busy now trying to get enough shelves built for growing things on - to fit the randomness of the window placements.

It's still a work in progress on the inside. Waiting for the cold to loosen it's grip so my unheated space can be put to use.

Can't wait to see what the spring holds.
Hope it comes early, too!


Needled Mom said...

That looks beautiful. You will really enjoy it.

Judy S. said...

Fun to see your post! I had to open it in a new tab though......