Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Grape Escape

Jax and I are still exhausted from chasing a 5 year old around all day. It was the first Aunt Laurie Day since getting Jax because we felt she was too untrained and possibly a danger to them with her mouthy biting and jumping.

By 9:30 she was let off leash to see how she would do. Turns out she's on the same 5 minute delayed-response as Ben and NEITHER of them listen to you if they don't feel like it.  "I do what I like!"

But they were inseparable!

Jax was perfectly happy shadowing him all day and soon discovered (no matter how many times told not to give her food) Ben was her new favorite FOOD DISPENSER.

She sat very close and prepared to wait for that little hand to send a grape her way...


and waited.

Finally success.

And then there were two.

One for you; one for me.


Then they were gone.

And so was he?

Edited to add: Did not know grapes were toxic to dogs until Steph & a couple of anonymous messages mentioned it. Luckily she only had 3 and seems to be fine. Good to know though!


SNW said...

so precious, although don't give her too many grapes, benjamin! she's probably such a big girl that it won't hurt her BUT:

(ask me why i know?)

Anonymous said...

Did you know that grapes are considered toxic for dogs? There is a list of foods on the internet! Thought you would want to know so that your dog doesn't get sick!

Anonymous said...

Did you know that grapes are toxic for dogs? There is a list of other foods at