Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Y2K obsession over

The 10 day wonder

It's finished!
At 7:57 a.m. December 23, 2008 the last seam was pressed.
I think the proper term
might be Um. Ta-dah?

As explained in an August 2006 entry:
Um. Ta-dah? deserves to be the new "Finished" standard for completed projects. Especially if outcome was uncertain right up until the end, previous skill level is admittedly lacking and you "like nothing more than a challenge (which may render me a bit unstable) to keep me off the streets."
To quote a crazy chick with a goddamn hammer!!"

The Dog Loving Knitter has changed her blog name and the link to her entry that made me laugh out loud doesn't work anymore.
But, thankfully only a few of the blocks failed to fit together nicely and were threatened with a hammer...
To make them fit.

My very big quilt (top) has been completed in a timely fashion.
1999-2008. No?
2009 by the time it's quilted.

In exchange for one of my Fabric Postcards, the last Y2k Squishie arrived Monday afternoon from a quilter in North Carolina. I made 2 blocks with blank center squares - one for me and one for the quilting date.

I had one package from a quilter with the wrong sized squares sent. I added a border of matching light fabric, but didn't use it in the end.

And the Ugly Duckling block that kept getting thrown back to the bottom of the pile to "use later" never did make it in. I started to unpick the center square so I could use it with prettier fabrics but after about 15 seconds said screw it and used a blank.
The machine quilter can sign there!
I'm thinking the spare change dish is going to be a machine quilting fund because this thing is huge.

I don't know what to do with myself without 25 squares to obsess over and fit together in each new block.
So I bought a few yards of fabric go with what I have.

(It was 50%-60% off?)

Now I can obsess over what to start next!

Or I could choose the next UFO to work on.

Blogger says I've used my quota of pictures
Steph? Know anything about that?

And that yellow pair of socks pictured in the link above still sits unloved. I knit them in 2006 and still they sit in my Finished Bucket for Socks.

Like a misfit toy.
Nobody in the family seems to want them. Even as a gift for best friends who move away, office pals or boyfriend Moms. (Sara keeps picking pink ones for Will's Mom. 3 years of Pink socks for her? The woman is going to think all I knit with is pink!)

Perhaps I'll give them away.
If you've noticed the little Snowflake wearing a scarf in the sidebar (and like entering blog giveaways) there's going to be a bunch to celebrate the New Year.
Sign-ups start after Christmas.


Cindy said...

Hmm...I wonder if we exchanged squishies?! I like how your put your quilt top together...Nice!! I've bookmarked your blog to read up on later!
Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

My Y2K quilt is still in scattered pieces. Congratulations on finishing yours!

Renee said...

congrats on completing your y2k quilt! i was insane enough two swap for three sets (yes three quilts) I was curious if we swapped or not (i may even be the owner of the uglies LOL) I did sew four blocks last weekend. and hope to do more this weekend. if i could have one quilt done by the end of the year I'd feel pretty good. but i have far more knitting projects on the front burner right now! ;) renee (naeby on ravelry)