Monday, December 22, 2008

And it's still snowing

Roadblocks & Snowbanks

I've worked on the Y2K quilt a little every day.
At least one block a day; most days four or more.
It's now in 3 big sections with 72 blocks sewn in.
8x9 feet (BIG)
One row to go!!
Will need to work from my scrap basket & stash as most of the 3" squares left are damned ugly.
Or too medium shaded.
Stopping to cut and decide color placement is the slowest part.

Sunday morning was my
"Worked on the Y2k quilt for a week" anniversary.
Everything was going smoothly until I sewed 2 strips of 3 blocks together upside down.

Log Cabin pattern: Wrong.
Noticed just as I was about to press the seams to the dark that names on one row were upside down?
And since my sewing machine has been bouncing over seams a little crooked, I went across the row twice. Some of the 3 inch square intersections needed to be tacked with a dozen stitches to make the seams match better. So there were 3 rows of stitching in some places.

Stitch setting: 2.0 (Small)
45 minutes of unpicking put it back on track.
I worked until lunch to get it in 3 sections.

I flicked on the outside light at about 2 a.m.
Yes, it's still snowing. I thought we were getting about 6 inches until dad informed us at Sunday lunch it might be a foot or two.
He plows for us and was worried about the forecast.
I jokingly said "Don't worry; I'll be able to shovel..."
There were witnesses and I'll be hearing these words used against me I'm sure.

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