Sunday, December 28, 2008

Scrappy Quilt and Resolve

A few loose ends to tie up

I don't usually make resolutions.
I might just give it a try this year.

Bold font Blog promises have a way of keeping me honest!

Cat Quilt - binding complete
Y2K Quilt - Top finished
Tom wondered where the pile of change he laid on the table went. I showed him where the Y2K machine quilter funds were growing. Fair warning to all members of our household: a coin snatcher is in your midst!
Never Ending Socks - finished
Pair cast on next day - 2nd sock heel underway.
(taking longer than hoped; but not cursed anytime I catch a glimpse of them as of yet.)
Scrappy Stash Busting Quilt - A work in progress.
My resolve was 6 blocks a day. I'm plus 4 now that memory of how to paper-piece has returned.
My reward resolution for 2009 is to grow a shelf of beautiful African Violets under lights once more. One shelf of beautiful blooming African Violets.
Light Therapy.
I'm going to plug 1 light back in and try growing plants on a shelf again.
I further resolve to retain control of my AV habit and NOT save every leaf to start another plant.
Ending up with too many plants.
More than I can handle.
Now to see what becomes of my stash busting, UFO finishing, WIP resolve in 2009. The year I turn - dare I type it? 5.0

Improved versions always get a higher number!

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Debbie S. said...

Hi Laurie.... :) I haven't checked your blog since November 1st! Shame on me!!! But I am caught up now! :)