Friday, September 08, 2006

Speak FRIEND and enter.

In explanation of that last blog entry:
I'm trying to win a prize (again!) here.

Yes. It has some very explicit instructions, including no explaining the big ass words I tried to use correctly and in knitting related sentences. At least, explanations could not be in the same blog entry. Full details can be found there!

Also, since my entry was supposed to be knitting related, most of the other links hidden within go to knitting patterns I like. Most of which will be impossible for me to knit unless I re-learn socks from the toe-up. Which I DON'T see me trying anytime soon!

Next up will probably be the RPM socks, although I've been ProcrastiKnitting a pair of basic quicky footies from a free skein of yarn I found at the bottom of a box of yarn I was given. It's the softest stuff I've knit with in a while. The Paton's Kroy pair I just finished was the scratchiest stuff ever, but it did wash up soft - in a regular wash load!

Yeah, because I will not be hand-washing socks anytime soon, either.

And as to my quick research on this Yarn Snobbery thing.
(Meant only as tongue-in-cheek commentary, I swear! Only bloggers who claimed not to be a yarn snob were linked for the purposes of my attempt to win a prize!)

A quick search through Google found about 8,000 hits where people said YES YARN SNOB. (Or used those words together on their blog...only visited a few dozen sites!) Google found about 300 who declared NOT YARN SNOB. (Or again, used those words together on their blog.)

For myself: too poor to be much of a yarn snob! But soft, quality yarn makes a world of difference, doesn't it? Years ago I made a sweater for myself from acrylic yarn, I would suppose. It melted to itself like velcro from the inside and was never wearable. My only other attempt at knitting a sweater was twenty years ago for my oldest daughter. The neck band was so tight it about tore her head off getting it on or off. It's actually amazing she wasn't scarred for life by the thought of anything knitted by her mom.

She's okay with my socks, though!


Sheepish Annie said...

No yarn snobs here at Chez Sheep! I've made items out of Caron Simply Soft and had people ask if it was silk! Plus, I make alot of yarn seems to go with that. I enjoyed wrapping my head around the last post!

Roggey said...

I admit that I am a yarn elitist.

I have second part-time job solely for earning yarn money because I want the expensive stuff. Life is too short for cheap. I even like the (relatively speaking) expensive acrylics put out by Cascade, their Cherub line for friends/family allergic to animal fibers.

aija said...

I love paton's kroy-- I made a long LONG wearing pair of toddler socks from it (the kind that are washed like 4x more than my regular socks, and of course in the washer/dryer) and they've held up SO well. Its not a common yarn here, but I liked it when I knit with it :)