Saturday, September 02, 2006

Knitting Ent's Dilemma

Sock Knitters Lament

Not idly do LEAVES FALL. Shall this noviciate knitter of socks wish perhaps this paradigm had never come to her? Wish none of this had happened? So would all who live to see such instruction begin knitting a sock from the TOE-UP. But that is not for her to decide. All that is left to decide is what to do with the prototype given to her.

She always liked knitting socks CUFF-DOWN. Somehow it feels like going downhill. Shall she be forced to CAST this magnum opus aside for one more suited to her proficiency stratum? What is this PIQUANT they speak of? We have heard of it before. This exemplar written in secret code: A CHART! Never have we seen such days turn to weeks; weeks to month before the culmination of one doublet of socks. Baffled and befuddled by a chart, never before having knit from one. Shall she so soon attempt another?

And in her endless quest for the perfect sock template she stumbles into a new kind of war. What fiber content do you choose? Are you a flaxen thread braggart? Not a yarn snob? Would you look poorly upon those knitting from that which you deem tawdry & wretched? Perhaps like me, you choose to circumnavigate this disputation. It is not our hostility. But how can that be your decision...You're a part of this knitting world aren't you?

Whatever the determination, a new configuration must be chosen expeditiously for my first ever pair of socks...

wait for it...


Every yarn must have it's moral?
Bequeath as proportionate as you anticipate to acquire. ;)
And probably time to knit along with a different DVD.

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Sheepish Annie said...

You may be right...but the sock picture is great!!! My last sock remains in a big old yarn pile on the floor. It was a bad sock. It is a punished sock. Now I knit dishcloths...they don't turn on me even as I turn the heel.