Monday, February 20, 2006


Procrastiknitting v. to knit on a project NOT already assigned. Continuing to knit project NOT under (self imposed) deadline (Knitting Olympics). my editor should evaluate/update this definition. I'm making it up!

Steph, the ipod cozy2 has biggened itself into a Cargo Pod@.

(Aren't I clever to keep the word pod in there and yet cargo allows for the size factor? I thought it up; so if it's already been done I couldn't find it online, allowing for the fact that I suck at search engines ;)

Finished Procrastiknitting item (not an FMB) seen here is nearly large enough for your camera . . . if I move the button up about 3 inches. And fix that wonky flap, while I'm at it!
*insert in Steph's sarcastic-tinged voice, "YOU are SUCH a perfectionist." here*

It's additional size would also allow your ipod, school id, money for coffee & subway pass. Dad says, "Sure. Then someone can steal all your crap at one time."

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