Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Morning of DAY 5:
I have successfully changed over to the circular needle! MINDLESS SPEED KNITTING ahead.


Lauren said...

I know the circs look intimidating but they really aren't. It took me FOREVER before I would use them. =)

Congratulations!!! I am really loving that color too! =)

laurie in maine said...

Peacock in Patons Merino Classic Wool. 1st time I've ever knit with anything not RED HEART (acrylic?) Loving it:) I'm still a yarn novice VS yarn snob...lol...never knew there was a difference: YARN is not YARN?
Willing to go to ACMoore with a 40% coupon for a little higher grade - Will probably NEVER pay $18 for a skein of yarn (daughter Sara's boyfriend gave her a very expensive ball of yarn for xmas/ with promise to knit her a scarf from it if she gave it back. He did :) Really pretty!!

Kelly said...

Whoo Hoo! Those circs will make the knitting go much faster!!

stephani nola said...

awww you're knitting me a bag! how sweet!

(insert angelic smile here:)

if you ever need a blog editor, i'm your girl. as sweet as kindergarDen sounds, they aren't really little cabbage patch kids!

i shall continue to read of your progress on my fancy new computer and whilst bored at work.

love you :)

laurie in maine said...

Yes Stephani Nola, you may be my Blog Editor! It's what you've been trained up for, now isn't it?!
Hope there are no angry little-old-lady romance writers getting a rejection slip today :)