Saturday, February 25, 2006

Skein Whose Price Must Not Be Mentioned

Hey, Look! The Skein of Opal #1125 . . . or as I prefer to speak of it: Skein Whose Price Must Not Be Mentioned has been specially designed, just for me. My initials have appeared as if by magic, into the bottom of the heel. (LW)
See it?! I think the W is defined without too much extra imagination;
L takes a little lower case acceptance.

I'm fighting my almost compulsive need to mark the W with a diagonal red slash.

Once again I'm having issues looking for the beginning of a skein of yarn. This adult size sock is at the point I have just used all of the yarn I had to wind back to the outside of the skein after I pulled a glob from the center of the skein trying to find the end. If there's a trick to finding the center pulls, I haven't discovered it yet!

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Erin said...

wow great job!! I am determined to knit my first sock this year nevermind a pair!!!