Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Knitting Olympics

Day 5 & 6:
First full day of Speed Knitting on the circulars went well. I've finished my first skein of yarn (223 yards) of Paton's Peacock wool, ready to connect the new skein on day 6.

BUT FIRST . . . As a proud member of TEAM DPN, not a day should pass during this Olympic event without using a DPN! I cast 24 stitches onto my Size 4 DPN's and finished a baby bootie this morning! The second is cast-on now as well.

Took mom to the eye doctor's for another checkup (scene of my first sock lesson on 12.23.05 :) and KNIT IN PUBLIC! Struck up a conversation with two very sweet older ladies with lots of knitting experience & praise at my effort for such a new knitter.

With fresh DPN's loaded and ready for primetime poking . . . Tom will spring a leak if I poke him as often as he deserves . . . back to the French Market Bag!

Progress: 24 rows completed up the side at the end of Day 5.

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