Sunday, February 05, 2006


I'm IN!

I officially logged in at YARN HARLOT to sign up for the knitting olympics. I was going to do the Fiber Trend Felted Clogs but decided there would be "pitiful whining, sobbing and ACTUAL stabbing of family members with pointy sticks". The rules say there's to be NO CRYING and no THREATENING FAMILY MEMBERS WITH POINTED STICKS.

(UPDATE! I have officially been accepted onto Team DPN for the Knitting Olympics. Stabbing with Pointy Sticks encouraged...awesome! I've already warned Sara. Tom doesn't get a warning ;)

So I decided on the French Market Bag.
Will need to buy more wool before Friday but I have the right sized needles. For the clogs I would have had to visit our new ACMoore store (with 40% coupon in hand!) to add to my growing stash of needles. I like making both socks at the same time...sort of. I do each sock on a set of DPN's from either end of the skein - working on them together so each sock is about at the same stage before decreasing the toes & binding off.

Instead I can use the coupon on wool. ;)

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