Saturday, February 11, 2006

Day One Pictures

Also qualify now for the "What the Hell was I Thinking?" button.
(Need to figure out how to post buttons down the side!!)
My progress so far: After much unravelling and many CASTING ON do overs PLUS first cup of coffee this morning.

Upload order is reversed?
photo #1 & 3: After an hour, 15 minutes . . . starting over . . . AGAIN!
#5: Lots of holes from YO vs M1 (Okay, which ever way you're going to increase - PICK ONE and stick to it. And WHY aren't there the same # of stitches on the 1st needle. Went to bed.

Next morning photos (2 & 4) with coffee! No DAY ONE blogging until ALL of the yarn that just came out with a simple little tug gets knit up.

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