Sunday, February 19, 2006

Knitting Olympic progress

Day 10
(I think!)
Will probably do a few more rows on the FMB before starting straps. Now that the meds have worn off and ruler applied, it's just at 8 inches. Original instructions made the bottom go up 9 additional rows in contrasting color, after the increase was finished. My bag is all one color so I may be measuring from the wrong place. I marked the end of increase row...not 9 up. If it's going to shrink 2 inches, guess the side should go up a little more.

Made progress on the
pretend ipod pocket. LOOKS LIKE A POCKET NOW! Turns out if you want this RedHeart yarn to wave, you must use smaller knitting needles? I like the color on this much better than the baby & mommy socks made from the same skein. Finished in time for Sara's gift giving event, even.

NOTE THE MISSING PLUMBING SUPPLIES. Application took twice as long as our neighbor (actual maintenance guy!) hoped. Turns out our 65+ year old house is crooked and plumbing outdated. Go figure!

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