Saturday, February 18, 2006

What day is it?

Woke up with a yucky cough and so medicated with some wannabe sudafed to try nipping it, before it became a full on flubug. Feel better actually.

Made some progress on the FMB. Almost at the strap section...maybe a few more rows?
NO...I think I'm ready to move on to the next project so this bag is about as tall as it shall get!

Uh, about that next project? Yeah...well I sort of started it...she admitted guiltily.

Say it with her people (she needs reminding it seems... and perhaps a photo of the quilting UFO's in the next room): THERE WILL BE NO UFO's IN LAURIE'S KNITTING BUCKET!!

But I wanted to try another ipod cozy. My first effort is standing by, waiting for the knitting fairy to figure out how to finish it. (Emailed the designer and she sent advice in return mailbox. There's hope!)

Sadly Steph, as the only family member with an ipod in need of a cozy, my newest effort has biggened itself, muchly. Those darned directions must have been right? WHO KNEW? 20 stitches per front & back...not 24...just in case. Hate it when that happens.

It's even too big for Sara's Personal Organizer Device Thingy.

Unless other stuff has need of transportation, an ipod will become rather floaty.


stephani nola said...

grammy sock tragedy:

wait, i confess, they were EITHER grammy socks or early mommy socks, the purpley greeny bluey wondrous stephani colored ones that you both make..

i dont know what happened, really, though it is interesting to speculate-
but when i unpacked them from the laundromat,
one of them was missing the entire sole of the sock. i realize it is probably not called a sole but, you get it? it was bizarre, just a huge torn out hole missing.

yet, i still wore them to work yesterday, with 'real socks' underneath. :)

laurie in maine said...

I see mommy socks in the next care package! (Did the first one arrive yet? Think I chose Pony Express! Perhaps I shall figure out a different pattern for the sole (stronger!) so there will be fewer souless socks in our world. :)