Sunday, February 19, 2006

Is that what they told you?

An ipod cozy.
Is that what they told you?

Looks more like a rectangular coaster with quills!
Size 1 needles sure are small. Knit for an hour and not yet 2 inches managed.

Should NOT have added extra biggening stitches. TRUST THE PATTERN, indeed.

Not convinced yet it will turn into a pocket as decribed here. Probably should not (credit) blame this work on the Keyboardbiologist!

And those plumbing parts? Been sitting on the table 3 days waiting to be applied to the leaking shower pipes so that water can be turned back on. Full time would be good! Except right now water is pouring from the hot water tap in the shower - even with the knobs & cut off valves turned all the way off? Don't ask me why...I'm not the maintenance guy!

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