Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Strappy Doneness, at last!

I chased after 5 year old nephew Kyle all day; my proud Olympic Knitting Completion moment has become exhausted!

Posted the following at Team DPN while the the thrill was new. 3o seconds into my shower Sara knocked on the door to announce her car wouldn't start. Went outside with hair still drippy to confirm; battery sounded like it needed a charge. Kyle would be arriving in less than an hour, the house could use some kid proofing before then and there was no coffee left. Give me back my knitting needles and let me start this day over some place quieter and more peaceful!!

My French Market Bag is finished...the knitting part, that is.
(Still needs felting. Tomorrow is good :)

Connected the straps, bound the 4 top edges, wove & snipped all ends and pulled out the basting by 5:52 a.m. 02.21.06. (2 scrids of 14 inch pieces of yarn are all that remain from 2nd skein.)

Explanation for color change from 2nd skein/ not matching dye lots:
...my story and sticking to it ;)

New techniques tried: Knitting with wool; Knit1/Purl 1 Rib, bound off with Kitchener stitch; joining seams NOT a toe with Kitchener; circular needle knitting and FINISHING item within time allowed. (Also made first buttonhole on one of those other projects!)

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