Friday, February 24, 2006

Notes from my half empty nest . . .

It's time to purge the clutter, again...

My Sewing slash Laundry Room is so messy I can't find the cutting table or sewing machine. Time has come to put things in order. I'm not going to move everything SEWING back into Stephani's room while she's away. This room works when it hasn't been taken over by sewing stuff not put away since the last time it was used or dirty clothes. The shelves & drawers are set up well enough to contain reasonable amounts of sewing items. The rest needs to go. Stuff given to me "because I might use it" needs to go. Obviously, I can't or won't use it in this lifetime. Time also for a little more effort towards finishing quilty UFO's that lost my attention.

It's day 3 of Lofty Cleaning Goal - not making progress very fast :) I found this hastily scribbled note from last year (down behind a box that needs purging!) and I came to the computer to see what it looks like in more permanent font. Not that I would procrasticlean?

(First time our Stephani Nola went away to be grown up)

A few tears crept past
And yet, not.
You write wonderfully
Just as I've said since grade 3
So as I read your blog
31 Days gone
31 days Lived
Away from me
By so far that even if you called
To say that you NEEDED me
(which you won't)
The getting there
Would take too long.

(This second time goodbye was easier, but still...)

Putting your clean clothes into the dryer
Such a wave of despair washed over me;
You're leaving in the morning.
No more crying
Not like last time.
Not for three days.
Not for such everyday things easily fixed:
Too many dirty dishes
Not enough counter space.
Fear leaving here makes you too glad.
More glad to be gone
Than glad to be back in New York.


Nicole said...

Beautiful words for your girl :)

I just found your blog while searching for anything 'Maine' in blogland and just wanted to say hello to a fellow Mainer. Hello!

stephani nola said...

to your implications that i'd be happy anywhere but there (loose interpretation), i say:

don't talk about my family like that!


or make me cry at breakfast, that's not nice.

love you oodles. and your little dog, too.