Monday, February 13, 2006

Knitting Olympics

Today I watched a bit of speed skating and now my French Market Bag has become One with the (slow) Speed Skaters! Okay, mostly we are ONE with the guy on the tail end of the line!
We go round in circles and after about 135 loops around the DPN's, it's a LONG WAY back to Needle 1!

So I'm rooting for any of the skaters back there last in line. What I was really hoping for was to see them to all join hands like we did when we were kids. Was it called a WHIP? The leader skates really fast and in all directions, trying to break the chain and see skaters zoom off in all directions. Yeah, that would be an event I could cheer for!

So now that I've crowded 152 stitches (out of 200) onto four 7 inch long, size 7 DPN's, it's getting a bit tricky making the stitches stay put on the needles. Did I mention I'm new to this knitting thing? I've seen those stitch stoppers at the store. They look like eraser tops for pencils! Thought about buying some a while ago, but if this knitting thing turns out to be just another passing Laurie phase, how much stuff do I really need?!

Wished I had some stitch stoppers though, because I'm not feeling brave enough yet to try out the circular needle. I have one but it may end up in that pile of stuff I'll wonder why on earth I bought . . . but Stephani wanted a hat! oooh, blame shopping spree/packrat moment on the kid away at college . . . consider yourself poked with my Olympic DPN even though you're in Brooklyn . . . Go Team Brooklyn! . . . from the mom sideline cheering section of Maine :)

Well, this Olympic Knitting thing is supposed to be a challenge right? Determined to stick with DPN's and knitting with 8 not working out so well 'cause I really need 9, maybe packing peanuts? Didn't have any, but found some styrofoam and cut up cubes and made my own stitch stoppers.

Have decided knitting with my improvised stitch stoppers is a little like (Slow) Speed Skating WITHOUT taking the iceskate-blade guards off!!


Lauren said...

*grins* You are doing just fine. Although I have to admit it would be easier for you if you were working on a circular needle. =)

Looks great though! Love the color.

Good luck. If you need any help, let me know. I MIGHT be able to help.

Alexandra said...

Just to encourage you: if you manage to knit with the DPNs and your handmade stitch stoppers, working on a circular needle won't be any challenge to you. ;-)

Kelly said...

Looking good! I love the color.

Glad to see I'm not the only one with a Mom in the cheering section!

I'll email you with info on putting graphics in the sidebar :)