Wednesday, February 22, 2006

New Respect for WOOL!

I will never wash (Sara's) wool sweaters in regular laundry again!

(I probably will never own one if they have to be specially washed ... oh, now convinced they do!)

I've just felted my first knitting project - on purpose - I'm speechless!

I sort of wish I had taken it out and looked at it a little longer the first time I checked. First impression was: It's yummy! I put it back in a little longer - and then let it rinse for a few minutes in the machine. That extra rinse agitation may have shrunken it more compactly than I remember it looking at first peek. Anxiousness at water growing cold ... not knowing what I was looking for exactly, I put it back in. WOW! Thicker than I ever imagined those knit stitches could become. I believe I'm now hooked on knitting & felting wool.

Let the next project/ pattern search begin!


Lauren said...

You did it you did it you did IT!!! Congratulations!!!

I have a couple of patterns for knitted/felted bags if you are interested. Just let me know. =)

laurie in maine said...

I would LOVE a pattern or two. :)

Looked at a book that had some neat bags in it but will probably try through interlibrary loan first. Still trying to understand the vast amounts & types of yarns available.

Not sure I'll ever be a "yarn snob" but I bought some Opal at LYS today - finally figured out that must be local yarn shop?! At the price, it may be the only one I ever buy, but at least just this once I want to try socks with it.

Lauren said...

Sure!! I will email you some patterns tomorrow. =)

Ahhh I LOVE going to my LYS....but I look and feel more then I buy. =)

stephani nola said...

woah i dont get it. you assume your reader knows what this 'felting' business is, but it that is false!

sounds scary!

so, does it feel starched and stiff? I'm trying to imagine this. i think you need a close up photo.

i am spreading the word about them, though, to new york fashionistas.

i think i am procrastiknitting. . .

laurie in maine said...

I see something felted in the next mommy package...unless you're planning a homecoming before the day you were born? It is thicker ... and heavier than something just knit ... but it's still damp I think. You probably have seen something felted @ Grasshopper and never knew it started out as a ball of yarn!!

I found a cute purse, like bag at - beware it's PDF!

It's called Charcoal Denise Needle Bag with 2 pockets. I see it in colors other than blue/black/ Salmon & fish lip green :)