Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Knitting Olympics

Well, the morning started off with a trip to town to mail out a care package of art supplies, calculator, forgotten jeans & ipod cord to Steph . . . GO TEAM BROOKLYN!

Since I'm already in town and I'm this close to ACMoore, perhaps a quick visit to the yarn supply section for either another size 7 DPN or some real stitch stoppers. (Plus, last week's 40% coupon is about to expire!) I came away with both and . . . it's all Steph's fault?
1st POKE WITH A DPN of the day!!

In the end, I went with 9 Double Pointed Needles to complete the bottom section of my French Market Bag. Yeah, that's right! I can knit with 9 DPN's. 200 stitches successfully increased. (SLOW) Speed Skating REQUIRED LANE CHANGE about to take place: 1st attempt at knitting with a circular needle up next!

Where's my VALIANT EFFORT award?

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