Monday, February 20, 2006

Strappy Progress!

Yes. I'm done procrastiknitting (for the moment) and have moved forward with work on French Market Bag straps & binding.

Of course, when just re-learning the art of knitting, do what I do:

CHANGE THE PATTERN? Original pattern says to Bind Off edges every 25 stitches. BUT I've just discovered this Kitchener form of binding off a knit 1/Purl 1 RIB. (scroll down but you put all the purl stitches on a second needle from behind and pretend it's the toe of a sock!!)

I'm changing pattern to: knit 1/Purl 1 (from starting mark) next 12 stitches,* knit next 26 stitches, knit 1/Purl 1 next 24, knit next 26 stitches * around ending in final 12 knit 1/Purl 1 stitches to complete set of 24 rib stitches. For 3 rows.

(Hope this works - or - she's too dumb to know she should be afraid?) It's been suggested I swatch a square to see how this edge felts. Since I wanted to do a mini version of the bag so I could journal my Knitting Olympics month for February at 4x6 Lives, I'll consider this an assignment and NOT procrastiknitting!! (Steph, verbs are not capitalized?)

LOOK how well I baste...quilting knowledge comes in handy for knitting. AND the number of stitches came out perfect. [(24*4)+(26*4)=200] LOOK, Sara...mommy does math. YIKES!!


stephani nola said...

so ive noticed 'leg warmers' are all the rage here, lately. I wonder how grammy socks or knitting could translate into leg warmers. the obvious solution is to make really tall grammy socks i guess, but really the look is just .. warm fabric covering your knee-to-ankle! peeking over your boots.

i say this with no hinting in my tone at all.
with the same hint-free-tone i also suggest ..sage greenish. croc colored.

no big deal. procrastiknitter.

laurie in maine said...

I'm laughing outloud - would post more but dad breakfast shall burn :) again!

laurie in maine said...

Oh, should a person - not hinting mind you, find a free pattern or photo of said knee warmers, they should perhaps provide a link. After all term papers have been written & submitted, of course..
snfff? what's that?...oops!