Sunday, June 18, 2006

X-tremely Satisfied

Two pair of Amazing Lace socks in 24 days!

One of Second Socks stayed up way past our bedtime attending the annual Town Meeting so we could vote NO on a new 2-million dollar town office complex. X-tremely annoying small town politics have caused us to send a Letter to the Editor. It remains to be seen if we'll be published but X-tremely Satisfying hitting SEND just the same.

X-tremely Dangerous mixing knitting & politics?

Second Pair were completed on a Father's Day trout fishing adventure on Pleasant River. X-tremely Bumpy roads of rural Maine make for interesting knitting experience.

Honey, pull over so I can pick up 3 lost stitches!

One of Second Pair suffered an X-tremely Unfortunate loss of needle as it was pulled from a pocket of a totebag at the beginning of the 6 hour board meeting it was forced to endure. As a new Lifetime Member of Pine Tree Quilters Guild we felt duty bound to drive 3 hours round trip in order to get there.

X-treme Stash Busting happening here. Amazing Socks deserve more respect!


Sheepish Annie said...

X-tremely impressed down here in the southern region!!! X-tremely jealous of your sock output. X-tremely impressed that you quilt...I keep saying that I'm going to do this. But I am X-tremely scattered and bigger on the planning than the producing. :)

stephani nola said...

woohoo those are pretty colors, and gregor won't even THINK about stealing them (except on laundry day.. last week i caught him wearing shorts, sandals, and grammy socks. ew.)

stephani nola said...

UPDATE: the letter to the editor has in fact been published in today's bangor daily news! woohoo

ICJ said...

Those roads are bumpy, all right! LOL

Isabelle aka Tricotine