Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Amazing Lace Challenge #3: Poetry

Poetic License...YIKES!
Steph: know that you've inherited NOTHING poetically speaking from your mom!

Ran into a bit of a Roadblock with gauge so have added a few more lines.
Soon we'll be seeing double. 2 pair in progress now meant another pair of DPN's needed.

(working title has changed :)
Ode to Lace Socks
What evil is afoot?

Searching the web, keyword: Knitting
At Stitches of Violet, a sock pattern most befitting.
A novice knitter wonders if it's wise to enter the race
Last minute email sent: "Please may I join your Amazing Lace?"

The local yarn shop was having quite a sale
Fifty percent off had us back without fail.
Yes, for Old Shale 2-Yarn Socks I have newfound affections
Third Pair now underway without use of directions!

Lace cuffs knit in Hot Tamale the labels proclaim
To give as a gift, whom should I name?
"What were they thinking?" might be wondered in vain
Do all of those colors belong together in one skein?


Every pattern warns on the very first page
Please, take time to CHECK YOUR GAUGE!
Second Sock Syndrome will NOT be allowed
That I cast-on both right away left me feeling so proud.

My sock never saw the need to give gauge much of a thought
Until it was discovered it's mate was from a skein in the wrong Dye Lot.
How best to fix this I had to figure
Why is first sock almost half an inch bigger?

Make another pair just like the first
Hope no one was listening to hear what I cursed!
Perhaps it was Sabotage, I consider for a moment?
No, turns out gauge is our most worthy opponent.


Lace shawls & stoles of the experienced Knitter
Win most of the Amazing Lace Judges' attention - no need to be bitter! :)
Lace socks we cry, deserve some respect: almost works of art?
Next, perhaps Pomatomus ... as soon as I learn to read the chart!

Always remember - there's not so much to fear
Not nearly as frightening as it first may appear.
At times a little like juggling three balls at the circus
Lace is really just knitting these holes on purpose.

Forgive me Dr. Seuss... And most especially: Marguerite!
I don't even know when to leave "well enough alone", do I?


stephani nola said...

hahaha. i'm glad it's silly day, should be a national holiday. or is it? probably. (according to our June newsletter, it is aquarium month. go figure.)

enjoyed your poem thoroughly. i'm reading it at work, and since my current project is "RESEARCHING MOM BLOGS" i think it is fitting, as you are my mom and this is your blog. in order for it to be a real mom blog you have to talk more about me (or your other child), and how long before i slept through the night and what foods i choked on and embarassing comments i made in public and such.

love from the big apple

Jane said...

Great poem, great lace socks, and great reply from your daughter!
From Jane,
(Another frustrated liberal fed up with this administration and on the 12 step knitting program in a small Maine town (Gouldsboro) with small town politics.)

Jane said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog about my poem Laurie. I'm not so sure I would want to represent Maine in the poetry competition though! And I really shouldn't be blaming my lace for my inadequate lace knitting talents!

Rachel said...

Great poem! I particularly like the last two lines.

Just checking that you don't really think we (the judges) favor shawls and stoles -- the winner of the last challenge knit lace socks!