Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Beginner's Amazing Lace Socks

It's the first weekend of the Amazing Lace!

This Amazing Lacey Sock interrupted by the Letter Q.
Is Q for QUITTER? Absolutely NOT.

I've only picked knitting needles back up since December 2005. To learn socks from my mom. Was ready for more than the basic utility - it's okay if you run out to the Jeep for something in stocking feet - socks.

Along came the Amazing Lace.

Pattern: Old Shale 2 - Yarn Socks
Needles: 2 sets of DPN's - size 1
(both socks underway at nearly the same time)
Yarn: Lace cuff (toes & heel)/Patons Kroy Socks - Winter Eclipse; Foot/ Bernat Sox - Blue Hot
Lace Knitting Experience: NONE
Previous skill level: I knew how to KNIT & PURL. Just. There's no wrapping yarn around the fingers; it gets pinched and carried. With purpose. Like I taught myself when I was 8 most likely.

My first attempt at knitting holes on purpose got off to a bit of a shaky start. Stitches were pulled off the needles twice and carefully picked back up. Some of them faced the right direction. One complete do-over ensued. Still have a lot of knitting to do before they become socks . . . but they qualify as lacey at this point!!

2 cuffs are complete!

So this is how a new addiction starts, I'm sure? My thoughts were of lacy knitting attempts even as I finished getting the garden in. Even as I diligently worked on the Letter Q, with Y & X still waiting on the sidelines to be finished, before a sock gets done most likely. School is nearly over and we can't have our 14th Street kindergarteners heading off to 1st grade thinking there are only 23 letters in the alphabet because one of their volunteers decided knitting was more enjoyable. Can we? NO, definitely not.


Sheepish Annie said...

I am a professional educator and can tell you that, according to "No Child Left Behind" legislation, the alphabet comes first. As a recreational knitter, however...well I might just go for the socks. They are awesome!!!

ICJ said...

I like the colors of your socks! You are doing great for a beginner!

Isabelle in Maine too! :)

Marguerite said...

Love the socks. Congratulations on accepting the challenge and sticking with it.

laurie in maine said...

Marguerite! Designer of socks. So glad you're back from vacation! I may need to stop and ask for directions NOW.

Following is the note I will be pasting to my next email to you :)

As you can see I'm not using circular needles as your pattern instructs. My first ROAD BLOCK will be figuring out where to put the stitches now that I'm past the ribbing. The OMG will I ever be done 23 rows (each sock) of K1,P1 ribbing. I'm DONE! There's odd number stitches divided between your 2 cir needles next? I'm assuming it's because of the pattern design? Odd number needed? Has this pattern already been converted to DPN's - written down somewhere online? A beginner winging it may not be the best person to do this first!