Saturday, May 20, 2006

Alphabetically Last !

Alphabetically last is okay by me :)

My name is among the Acknowledgments on page 2 of the new book just out: fast, fun & easy: Fabric Postcards by Franki Kohler. The first fabric postcard I ever made and sent to a stranger is on page 42!

We both discovered the fabric postcard concept through Quilting Arts magazine - issue 14. We both tracked down the group the article mentioned, joined and started begging for another round of swaps to form. Franki took the initiative and started a yahoo group, Postmark'd Art. They're now doing round 4 but I'm sitting out this one, as I have too many things going on. Plus I like finding people I haven't already gotten cards from to trade with.

This fabric postcard is one of my latest:
Prince Charming Kit!

*Kiss NOT included. Use caution opening the lid as we are not responsible for escaping frogs, or defective prince.

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Shelina said...

Aww, this is so cute. I've been making postcards today and was taking a break bloghopping looking for other postcards.