Saturday, September 08, 2012

ZINNIA'S: Who Knew?

I've discovered ZINNIA seeds!

Well, that they grow from seeds just chucked into the ground next to the bed of onions that was still empty in June. It might even have been closer to July before they got planted. I would totally have taken more care to spread them out if I had known they had time to grow AND bloom all summer!

Garden Experts should be shouting

(How did I not know this? :)
I'm buying them in bulk next year . . . I wonder if the seed pods would be worth saving? hmm . . .


Carol said...

Zinnias will love you for saving the seed they will come back. I agree they will bloom all summer and hang out for the fall .

Debbie S. said...

Just a reminder to buy zinnia seed!!! I just did... :)
Or did you save seed?