Friday, December 17, 2010

UFO Challenge 2011

Sewing Room Makeover is nearly complete!
To celebrate my more comfortable (and ORGANIZED!) sewing space I'm going to attempt to put it to work finishing up some of the projects from my Treasure Box.

This quilting inspired effort actually began October 6th. An online Challenge at Patchwork Times requires us to name 12 projects for the coming year. This may be a little optimistic! But here goes:

1. Y2K quilt started in 1999. needs to be quilted. It's HUGE.

2. Grandma's Country Album 1 - 1998 McCall's Magazine series in 6 installments. (all of the issues have been tracked down! Working on 2nd block now since picking this project back up.)

3. Scrappy Seasonal Applique Blocks - started 2010.

4. Piecemakers Time and Seasons TREES 2002 calendar project. I want to do 4 blocks for a wall hanging.

5. Spider in Grandmother's Flower Garden. Hex project - old!

6. Stack 'n Whack Treasure Box workshop. Needs borders. Preferably something to distract from the hideousness of orange. DONE!!

7. Frog Pond quilt. Started this when Steph was in 3rd grade I think.

8. Stack & Whack - Fall. Top; borders may have wonky issues!

9. 48 STRING BLOCKS! Made for the 2010 Bonnie Hunter RRCB mystery.
(Step 5: make 600 half square triangles.) NO. I would rather poke my eyes out. I'll be using the blocks for an Evelyn Sloppy pattern instead. DONE!!

10. Orphan Block quilt. I want to use the Settings Solutions book completely make something up out of thin air and further complicate things by sewing a billion curved pieced drunkard path squares. Oh... and then hand quilt it! DONE!!

11. Kermit's Bouquet - an internet row robin needs to be quilted, replace a border that I took off with something smaller and less biased.

12. Patchwork Posse Row Robin. 2010-2011. Current and I hope to keep it that way!


I PLEDGE TO KEEP MY SEWING ROOM CLEAN! (and continue to purge items I don't love or plan to use soon.)


Amy said...

I really like the Setting Solutions book-it looks like we all have enough to keep us busy in 2011.

Kathie said...

I also did a Y2K quilt. It was when I first was learning to quilt. I made it in 4 sections quilted it and then joined it. Not great joins but I still love that quilt.

SaraLyn said...

#4 also wants to come live on my walls, i remember that one - those are gorgeous blocks!

Wendyb said...

Wow must be the season!....I've just cleaned and organised my sewing room, started using it to 'christen' it again and set a list of 'must finishes' for 2011......snap! LOL
Thanks for visiting my blog
sugary hugs
Wendy :O)

Dionne said...

I have the RRCB quilt on my list too! I just joined the challenge and I am looking forward to following along with everyone's progress.