Thursday, May 29, 2008

911; what's your emergency?


Thick enough you can't see the end of our field.

"Any known reports of fires in our neighborhood?"
"Any burn permits allowed today, with this wind? Surely not!"

"No. Nothing. We'll see what we can find out..."

And then within 10 minutes every firetruck and rescue vehicle from two towns arrived to take a look. Screaming sirens and all.

(At this point husband suggests they're coming after me for a false alarm.)

There's still smoke so I walk out to the road just as one of our volunteer fire fighters circles back around and I ask "what is it?"

"We don't know. We can't find it!"

More screaming sirens arrive. So at least they think "it's something".
I shouldn't need bail or anything! Time they put a plane up to take a look I suggest to husband...

Right on cue.

The helicopter has been circling for an hour. The whop, whop, whop is getting on my nerves. Smoke has cleared, although the wind is still gusting.

My guess is the train that went by a few hours ago set off sparks. We'll see.
Maybe I should go put some air in that tire that's almost flat on the jeep.
Just in case.

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