Thursday, December 13, 2007

Shaking OFF some funk

2 years in the making

WHAT?! (I finished a quilt :)
Stained Peace - with a purple edge

I started putting these 20 finished blocks together a couple of weeks ago.
My quilting group,
the Clueless Quilters had a workshop (a really long time ago!) on a Stack & Slash stained glass style quilt, made from fat quarters.

I went into my stash and used fabric already on hand - only supplementing with the Peace Dove fabric and a couple of others. My
Use (mostly) What You Have project is (finally) finished!!

Once I had the top together and had decided I would hand-quilt it, I promised myself I would try quilting a block-a-day. If I kept to my self-imposed deadline it
could be done in 20 days. Or there about. I lost track, but it took less than 2 weeks to quilt it!!

Feeling has started to return to my fingertips. I hand-quilt with
questionable technique - needle stabs repeatedly into thumb and forefinger of both hands so often my fingerprints are ruined. My thimble use needs re-evaluation? Probably.

At this point in today's story my new laptop became a brick.

Thanks to Blogger, this much was auto saved and my determination to begin blogging again didn't suffer an instant death before the PUBLISH button could be poked for the first time in a very long while. Then again it was probably the Blogger auto save that froze things up in the first place?

Fingers crossed. A picture will follow to prove finishing UFO's might be useful therapy for whatever ails me. I finished a baby sweater several weeks ago that had been started last spring.
I think.

Next up: a half pair of finished socks (both cuffs are done) left over from Sock Madness. Although it may be Sock Madness that set me off on my funk in the first place? We'll see if I can be a better blogger. Yeah...


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Debbie S. said...

wow, and yippe! Laurie is back! :) I have been watching your blog, for some news! I see you have been busy! LOVE the quilt! :) Have a nice day!