Sunday, September 30, 2007

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Fabric Postcard Dream Catcher

My Dream Catcher tutorial is posted online now.

I've been a member of Postmark'd Art since it began, soon after Quilting Arts issue 14 came out and began spreading the word about fabric postcard swapping. I was asked by our group leader to write a tutorial on how I make dream catchers on postcards for September.

Visit the site and look around at all the other neat tutorials as well!

Technically, the last "finished photo" is shown upside down from the way it's intended to be looked at when you pull it out of the mailbox. I blogged about this design here when I admitted my "state of flux" had left me in no mood for knitting. I'm still not knitting and the one sock I did work on this summer ended up getting ripped out even though I was right at the toe bind off stage. It came out way too small because I still can't count and had cast on too few stitches. I didn't even notice until I was half way done. I didn't want to waste my yarn making another one just like it - fitting nobody I know!

I'm working on Letter People again for the 14th Street School Kindergarten class - only 24 kids this year! I already have 7 letters of the alphabet finished (per kid) and plan on taking a break from letters to get back to postcards (or even some sock knitting!) since I'm ahead schedule.

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