Friday, March 10, 2006

Knitting has become my newest obsession. That and trying to learn Hardanger. This stitch work either requires natural light in front of the brightest window in the house, a trip to town for a light bulb that gives off better glow than anything currently installed or visit with an eye doctor confessing, "I can't see!" So far I'm sticking to the sunshine spot in the living room.

I'm finally "getting" the Hardanger buttonhole stitch. Though not perfect (yet) and at times wondering why on earth I think I need to persist in learning something THIS difficult to see . . . counting threads of fabric? OMG! But it's pretty and a Needle Art with history, worth my best effort. Plus it may be that I'm just too stubborn to quit? And now I have all these supplies, thanks to several trips to ACMoore with 40% coupons in hand!

I'm waiting for delivery of my newest Ebay purchase: Hardanger, Basics & Beyond by Janice Love. (Book seller notes it's even autographed ;) My starting bid of $4 won, which feels a bit like theft as the book sells for $15 at all the shops plus outrageous S/H fees. That elusive handling cost some feel compelled to charge really ticks me off! I gave up on the first copy of the book I bid on, it at $9 something. It went for nearly $18 plus S/H - a bidding war gone nutz!! Feeling quite smug with my win actually . . . that fool, HA!

But KNITTING? That can be done in just about any light; it's relaxing to do and a few mintues of channel surfing to see what's happening in the world convinces me more often than not lately to turn the crap onTV off and just knit! Frankly, I'm as surprised as anyone about it.

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