Thursday, March 16, 2006

In a FABRIC postcard mood!

I've agreed to be postcard pals with 2 little girls in Pennsylvania just learning the Art of Fabric Postcards! Here are 2 of my newest creations off to the post office this morning.

There's Garden Fabric, fussy cut >4x6< and then fused with 2 sided fusible web to stiff facing. The butterfly stickers didn't scan too well, but they're in a clear window with shaker confetti - evolved from the snow globe concept. I added some star buttons for balance.

Bird or butterfly buttons would have worked wonderfully . . . must go shopping?!


laurie in maine said...

Steph (if you stop by soon ;)

These were super easy & fun to make...with fabric I already have! Was thinking if you would like some blank ones in your next care/b-day package, you might want some to send to Greg's mom or gran or others... maybe someone back @ Dirgo? Let me know... love you.

You better be checking the mommy blog once in a while! Miss you.

stephani nola said...

i was about to comment, what happened to your little girl penpal in nyc! haha. i would love some! juana is a cat person, if that helps.. and everyone else is into sailboats.

i spent 23 bucks on postcards yesterday soooo expect some. although one set of 22 was called "evil thoughts" ..ha. a forewarning. maybe i'll send those ones to dad. they are sarcastic and wondrous.

yes i check the mommy blog daily,
maybe someday i'll update mine..

check email for pics of random card i made my friend lynn, by recycling a paper bag, puzzle pieces, and using twine, paint, ink, oil pencils, and 2 squares of that fibery tissuey paper stuff you sent me last year! it's marvelous. hah