Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Experiment in Editing Pictures

Nikon's free ViewNX-i Software

I don't particularly enjoy editing the photos I've taken - beyond picking the better ones as they come out of the camera to share on Facebook or my blog.
I've only ordered a couple of batches printed so far, with framing a few in mind. I've not yet pounded a nail in the wall to hang them up! 
I had one moose picture put on canvas but it came out a little too green. I feel like editing would have helped, but it looks fine on the laptop screen so maybe it's a symptom of canvas printing.  Will try again.

In this digital age we live in, we have the luxury of taking LOTS of pictures - with the hope some of them will be goodI love playing "Guess how many pictures I took today!" with family members, although most of them have caught on to how high they need to guess now. 

Above is an original and the edited version with a little more oomph! I tried to be cautious with the sliders. I'm fairly satisfied with the changes. My first effort using another picture seems to be hiding ...wherever the computer/software put it?

I'm not really interested in "artistically" editing pictures to the point that they no longer look like what I saw through the viewfinder. But I can usually tell when a picture needs some help. The pictures that REALLY need some help are generally still sitting in a file folder, probably never to be seen again. 

The biggest problem with editing software - aside from cost - seems to be getting past the learning curve of how to use it. My goal is to get over the fear (and basic laziness) of learning a little bit about how to use Nikon's free software. My plan was to purchase Lightroom but it is changing to monthly subscription service, of which I'm not interested. For now it seems like time to experiment more with this free version and just see how it goes. 
Probably need to watch some more YouTube tutorials to figure out how it works!

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Needled Mom said...

It's something that I would love to learn too. Good luck with it.