Thursday, September 14, 2017

Waiting at the edge

Sunrise will not be rushed.

Lakeside Landing. 

A lake road I've driven by for all of my adult life and never driven down to watch the sunrise. 

In early August we found out how little we knew about the symptoms of stroke. My dad was shuffling more, slowing down. At 81 it seemed to be allowed. But then he fell. When I called the doctor to get him seen, little things started adding up. Go to the Emergency Room NOW we were told. 

He was admitted on a Tuesday. We have been fortunate in that this was our first experience with aging.
Realities of life. 

To say he hated the hospital is putting it mildly. By Wednesday of the next week we brought him home, as he wished most desperately. 

By Friday I knew it was a mistake. We survived the red tape until Monday. 

He's now at a nursing facility regaining strength and relearning life skills. Fully aware of his surroundings and again wishing to be home. 
He says Saturday. I hope this is not another mistake.

Meanwhile, I've moved back home and started making morning trips before the sunrise to be with my 85 year old mother. Cook her breakfast, bring in the paper, be there when she showers to be sure she hasn't fallen. And clean. To keep busy, but mostly because it's desperately needed. A little at a time, everyday.

But occasionally I turn left towards the sunrise. 
To remember to take a deep breath.

(Random days from August 22nd - September 9th.)


Needled Mom said...

I'm so glad that you are taking the time to enjoy the sunrises during these difficult days. I'm sure your parents are appreciative of any and all help you can provide for them. Trying to do what they want is sometimes not what is really best for them. It's hard to be in that situation.

Judy S. said...

Love your sunrise photos! It's wonderful that you can be there to support your folks; I'm certain they appreciate it. Hugs to you though; it can be tough.