Saturday, August 10, 2013

Knitting Holes (on purpose)

Summer of Amazing Lace Revisited

Back in 2006 I joined an internet hoard of knitters working on some sort of lace for the summer. 
The host bloggers of Amazing Lace seem to have vanished all these years later and when I clicked my old blog links a security warning declare the sites are evil? From one of my blog entries (linked above) I described the knit along as follows:
Knitters around the world will get up off their couches and take their knitting out for a little summer adventure. The main requirement seems to be to knitting in public and putting holes in it...on purpose!  It's called Lace when you put the holes in the right place?
As a beginner knitter I never advanced to the lacy shawls many proudly cranked out that summer.  I stuck with lacy cuffed socks.  This summer I'm making a shawl!
I joined a 7 part clue mystery knit-a-long of the Analucia Shawl by Fiddle Knits

The 7th clue was released August 9th. I had been keeping up with all of the weekly clues until the 6th one arrived. I gave myself permission to take a break! There are not many "purl back" rows ...who knew purling a billion stitches would look like a blessing?  I was getting burned out with all the do-overs.  Early into the pattern I researched LIFELINES and found that they are indeed our friend!  Unfortunately, I put the lifelines to use far too many times and was in need of a break.  I was sitting in one place for far too long at a time. My knuckles & back was feeling the effect.

My 1st shawl has been pushed to the back of the side table in a puddle of blue lace.

(blog entry in progress but I think I'll lose the links if I just hit save. Pictures today and update planned)

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Judy S. said...

Hello There! Good to see you back and can't wait for photos!