Friday, May 21, 2010

It's my party and I'll crochet if I want to!

That's right ... it's my birthday :)

Last weekend I won this very cool Frog Prince pattern from a Blog giveaway I happened upon. THANK YOU!! to blog owner & frog creator Penny at

Commentators were asked to imagine their ideal way to spend the day and mine included strawberry breakfast crepes and lobster rolls for lunch...and what the heck SUPPER too! With the day spent curled up crocheting a certain frog prince pattern.
A guilt-free rainy day spent crocheting, watching a Scifi marathon of Startrek Enterprise or Stargate Universe.

Hey... it was MY Blissful daydream :)
The sun is shining brilliantly so I suspect there will be outdoor gardening instead.
Or I should say... addition to a little crocheting, I perhaps will get dressed and go outside on such a beautiful day and do something chore wise ;)

A third version of Nicolette has been made, using the stitch pattern of the Designer's Lilian sweater, but done in the round and attached to the front loops at the neck of the bunny. My back & forth crocheting attempt at the cardigan were frogged!

yeah...wonky trapezoid shaped edges that were un-crocheted without taking photographic evidence of.

I also finished my Dragon Whisper using what I learned making the Baby Dragon and the Snowsuit Babies from Easter.

Clearly inspired by a well known designer, but with just a little selective use of free patterns I was able to design my version of the little Whisperer without buying a pattern.

Each free pattern I've chosen has been a little more "difficult" - learning techniques specifically that would enable me to try winging it without a pattern. I've come along way since March 14th when I hadn't even EVER decreased a crochet stitch, had no idea which stitch was which for that matter.

My bookmarks are now overtaken by crochet? How did this happen :)
A little like peeling back layers of an onion or counting rings inside a tree.
I can trace my current degree of crafty obsessiveness by the blogs I visit and my Google Search history!


Judy S. said...

Love the dragon, bunny, and frog. You almost make me want to get out a crochet hook!

Micki said...

Everything is just so cute!

Pen at OliverBoliver said...

thanks for the mention, Laurie! I just love your dragon too. V cute!
Pen at Oliver Boliver x

prashant said...

I Love the dragon
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