Thursday, September 10, 2009

Are you paddling back there?

Sunkhaze Stream
"Where the Wild Things Are"

We took a canoe trip on the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend. Another one of those close to home - right in our backyard adventures you almost forget to take advantage of.

Perfect weather for it and many wildlife sightings along the way included a turtle sunning itself on a log in the middle of the river, a family of 5 river otters and a family of cranes. The river otters swam just ahead of us for much of the way, blowing bubbles at us and rolling onto their backs, floating along side.

A crane never strayed far ahead of us or the otters, keeping careful watch over everyone. A very tiny baby crane showed itself standing on shore just as we realized there were actually 2 cranes swapping places with each other.

A train whistle sounded in the distance just after we passed under the trestle on the way back, so I made the steerer in back turn us around so we could wait for it and get pictures.

(Tom does a lot of "steering" back there and not much paddling if you don't keep your eye on him!)

The engineer had a sign under his window announcing it was his birthday. Tom saw it, although I would have missed it but for the joy of digital camera age!


PS to BLOGGER: your edit features suck! I need a tutorial for moving pictures where I want them.

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Judy S. said...

Nice photos, Laurie. Canoeing is so much fun. And how neat to see all those animals. Is that a great blue heron? As for cabooses, sadly I think they've gone the way of the dinosaur. I miss 'em, too. Good to see you back posting again.