Tuesday, February 03, 2009

"I can stop any time I want"

"So are you addicted to THESE now?"

(comment by a smartass Stephani)

Okay. They're addictive!
I've made 4 now.
If there's a Whirl Into Spring drawing, I'm ready with my prize.

Because shadow or no shadow given off by pesky rodents in Pennsylvania - I'm ready to bring on Spring. Now.

I've been working on my quilted Puzzle Pieces for a swap set up by Pat Winter Gatherings. Also addictive. I don't know if they'll fit together with other submitted puzzle pieces without purposely tweaking the nearby connecting tabs a bit. Hopefully I'm not alone in needing to revise the pattern of alternating pieces to make them fit.

One alternative I can see would be to ask some entries to leave their edges unfinished. I've been practicing my blanket stitch. I think I may be going the wrong way. All the tutorials seem to work the stitch right to left but after trying the first one and feeling like I was doing it backwards, I wondered why not go the other way. So I did. Seems the same to me.

It's still NOT my favorite stitch! If front is supposed to look as good as back, I've got a lot of practicing to do yet.

(If any Puzzle Swap participants stop by and want to do a one-to-one puzzle swap email me!)


Needled Mom said...

OMG....I LOVE the puzzle pieces. I think I am going to have to give it a try. There should be a swap so everyone ends up with a whole puzzle when the pieces are put together.

RG said...

Laurie!! I absolutely love what you're doing!! Both are gorgeous!!
Never seen anything like the puzzle pieces before...how fantastic.
Also curious to know what P.Phil says about spring...giggle.
Being an Aussie, I haven't a clue.
Oh! yep I'm working on some of my Hexes too...onto my 4th. go girl!

RG said...

PS. Just a little note from me...
I wanted to thank you so much for your lovely comment and support whilst making Tim's quilt.
I appreciate it very much!

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great day today and again, thanks so much!
Quilty hugs,
Robyn xx

Micki said...

I joined the swap too, but I am waiting for my name and link to be put on the list. What are you making with the puzzle pieces that you get from the swap? I love your blog, and will be following it.
Thanks for visiting mine!

Becky Bunn said...

I love these puzzle pieces. what a clever idea. Leave it to Pat to come up with another great idea.

Anonymous said...


What a great blog. I had to check yours out after you left me a great message. Love your work!

Cathy said...

Hi Laurie, Thanks for posting on my blog for my giveaway. I've got you down - good luck! I LOVE your puzzle pieces soooooooooo much. I'm participating in Pat Winters' swap too, so it's good to "know" you. And its a great bonus to discover your blog!! Hugs, Cathy K

Pat Winter Gatherings said...

They are beautiful!!!! Mine don't fit together either. I think I will lay one tab on another and secure when I am putting them together.Great job!

Karrin Hurd said...

I'm in the swap too, your pieces are lovely.

Elizabeth said...

I think that your balnket stitch looks great!! Everyone says that this one takes a lot of practice!!! I Love the hole with the spider web!! Great Job!!

Bonnie said...

Love your puzzle pieces!! It looks like it was alot of fun. I'm thinking of joining you in the fun.

Anonymous said...

Lauri, love your puzzle pieces!! Where in Maine are you from? I"m from Maine too! Debbie (Maine)