Thursday, September 04, 2008

Letterboxing book 2

2nd book complete



There will be spoiler pictures of my library Letterbox creation.

Once I set it free, I may never see it again.
And it's my blog.
I can do what I want!

Purchased at Goodwill,
Ponder This is my newest letterbox.

It originally contained some sort of poetry. Two like-themed verses per page, written from two different angles.
(I had started thinking of it Jekyll & Hyde poetry.)
One seller lists in his description: "simple short verses that note the positive side of adversities, or as author calls it, life's verities". Sort of a question & answer verse on the same subject.

I asked Steph if it was
too good to glue together.
As our poetry expert in the house, perhaps I was misguided picking this book to alter.

It was decided some books
need to be glued shut and this was perhaps a perfect example. Sorry, Leonard.

Practice for carving my own stamps continues.
Most all of the images I've used so far start out from free clip art sites. We've used up quite a few 4X6" slabs of Speedball Speedy Carve. I'm also experimenting with an exacto knife along with gouges for the last few carves I've tried.

The "pink stuff" is not recommended for exacto carving?

Now you tell me.
You can't see where you've cut using the pink stuff.

The stamp for the book was originally going to be the bookworm stamped on the title page. I was going to put it in the Children's Room of the same library my other book was placed in.

After reworking clip art of the birds on a wire - I gave them tufts of hair and put both feet back on the wire for the upside down bird, I decided to change stamps that would go with this book.

If you
Ponder This stamp - print it upside down and the image takes on a comical new meaning!

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