Friday, January 04, 2008

What's on the fridge?

OBAMA '08!


I sent a Dream Catcher fabric postcard to Barack Obama's campaign headquarters in October.

I got a (semi) personalized letter back.

Dated November 14th, it starts out: "Thank you for your kind message and for such a unique postcard."

Cool :)

Okay. The rest was a pretty standard form letter and it was probably a volunteer who took the time to acknowledge a fabric postcard. And probably a rubber stamp signed his name. I'm pretending someone shoved it under his nose along with a pile of other stuff and said "sign these!"

Hey, it's my world...

I sent 2 other Dream Catcher postcards to his Iowa campaign offices, c/o Any Volunteer, encouraging them to keep up the good work. I hope someone who enjoys fabric postcards keeps one.


SNW said...

you'll be happy to know that the reason i am still alone is because my roommate sam was busy in Iowa this week, campaigning for Obama.

Kyra said...

How wonderful! Do you have an image of the fabric postcard you sent? Would love to see it!