Friday, June 15, 2007

There. And back again.

A state of flux?
Noun 1. State of flux - a state of uncertainty about what should be done (usually following some important event) preceding the establishment of a new direction of action.
Yes. I think that about says it.

I've taken a break from knitting and apparently blogging as well. My lord! According to the birthday cake we ate in May, I've aged a year in the time that I've been absent.

There were Letter People to finish before the school year ended and I'm happy to say: they are done. Word has it only 21 kids have signed up for kindergarten next year, as of now. 42 like this year and NO WAY will I be touching another piece of plastic canvas again. Ever.

And we graduated the youngest kid from college. Steph's thesis is finished and was awarded highest honors. Eggshells that got walked on while this grueling project was accomplished have all been swept away. I've been practicing pronunciation of summa cum laude again. Because yes. I grew two daughters receiving such honors. And I tell anyone who cares to listen!

And some who are just polite.

She's back working at Scholastic Books in New York - just in time for the Harry Potter book 7 party Scholastic will be throwing. So this is officially a mom blog again and I must write embarrassing childhood stories in order to fulfill all mom blog requirements.

Photos will follow.

Mom & chocolate lab are now both resting our chins on the windowsill and looking for the missing kid. Southeastward. Like if we just look long & hard enough she'll come into clearer view.

Mapquest says it's 452.36 miles to where you are, kid.
My first turn is a sharp left.

(They don't know about our other driveway ;-)

Yes. I needed a break from the letter people.
And knitting.

Perhaps some good advice to myself would be to stay away from competitive sock knitting. Nothing like beating up a perfectly fine desire to knit socks with some competitive non stop knitting madness. I don't yet have the urge to pick up knitting needles again.

Except. I did buy 3 skeins from the clearance shelf yesterday at City Side Yarn. 40% off was what got me into trouble last year about this time if I remember? This is prettier.
And NOT variegated OR striped.

Instead I've been making fabric postcards and participating once again with online postcard groups. I forgot how much I enjoy making them and have been sewing them while the mood strikes. Because it would seem I'm a One obsession at a time crafter. Wonder what's next?

Knitting most likely. I bought yarn!


Sheepish Annie said...

I think it is a good thing to switch it up every now and again. Otherwise, creating and crafting gets stale. Do what you enjoy...although I suspect that it is no longer plastic mesh letters. ;)

I trust your choices on this. You must be a sharp cookie. You put two pretty bright young people in the world after all! Congrats on daughter the second's graduation!

Lorraine said...

Gee, I just sent my son to his first sleep away camp and nearly had a breakdown. Wow, what an accomplishment for Mom. WTG!

Charlene ♥ NC said...

If you're actively looking for new addictions, you may want to have a look at CQ - crazy quilting... Lots of new goodies to collect!!